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4 tips to stay energetic while working remotely

Has your company moved to fully remote or hybrid working? Our four tips below will help you and your colleagues to build a healthier workday with good routines and more physical activity.

Has your company moved to fully remote or hybrid working? While lots of employees are glad to swap their daily commute for more flexibility, the sedentary nature of working from home takes a toll on our long-term health.

When we transitioned to working from home, we lost the helpful routines and healthy behaviors that our on-site job provided us. Even the smallest physical activities, like walking to the bus, going to a meeting, grabbing a cup of coffee, or heading to lunch are eliminated with virtual work.

You have probably heard it said that more exercise means more energy, better sleep, and improved overall health. But did you know that physical fitness also helps you focus, strengthens your memory, makes you more creative, more tolerant to stress, and more efficient?

Moving your body makes virtual working less mundane. Our four tips below will help you and your colleagues to build a healthier workday with good routines and more physical activity.

Replace your commute with a walk

Before clocking in for the day, take a brisk 15 minute walk. If you need to get the kids to daycare or school, work it into your morning routine. Even a leisurely walk raises your pulse, increases your metabolism, and reduces your stress. Beyond that, it’s just a great way to start your day.

Create a work schedule that supports a good routine

Working from home seems like the best way to get more things done. You can begin your workday earlier and work longer than a typical office day, right? Not quite. Keeping yourself to a fixed work schedule with regular breaks and proper time off is imperative for a healthy work-life balance. Not to mention, structuring your workday improves your work performance. Use this method to schedule your workouts, too. If you book the time, you are more likely to actually do it.

Encourage walk and talk meetings

Walking during a phone meeting is a great way to maximize your time and get more movement out of your workday. Stay flexible, and encourage colleagues by setting a good example. Remember to avoid being too static and comfortable during the workday. Set your phone’s timer to remind you to get up and stretch, at least once hourly. It is easy to forget to move without the natural buzz of the office culture and in-person meetings with your colleagues.

Kickoff a step counting competition or wellness challenge at work

Inspire your colleagues to move more by inviting them to join a wellness challenge. This is a fun team building activity that creates community and provides a platform for discussion around sustainable and healthy workplaces. Seeing each other exercise helps to energize and excite others to move, too! Remind your team that any movement is good movement - even a walk to the store or a stroll with the dog has a positive impact on a person’s overall health.

A workplace in motion is the best benefit

Building a routine around fitness is important for both our physical and mental health. Countless studies show that good physical condition protects us from a variety of illnesses. Studies have also confirmed that active people who regularly exercised during the pandemic were better equipped to fight the COVID-19 virus.

Inspiring your colleagues to move more not only reduces sick time, it improves employees’ quality of life in the long run. Now that’s probably the best benefit your workplace could offer!

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