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Activity Challenge Ideas

Group competition
Challenge type:
  • All activities count
  • Compete in teams
  • Winning team
  • 8 weeks
Common goal
Challenge type:
  • All activities count
  • Competing together
  • Common points target
  • 6 weeks
Corporate Classic
Challenge type:
  • 90 km cross country skiing
  • 300 km biking
  • 3 km swimming
  • 3 km swimming

At any time during 4 optional periods

Maximize the distance
Challenge type:
  • Walk, bike, run
  • Group competition
  • Most kilometers win
  • 4 - 10 weeks
To the moon
Challenge type:
  • Walk or run
  • Compete together
  • Towards 400,000 km
  • 10+ weeks
Lunchtime Workout
Challenge type:
  • Walk or run during lunch
  • Compete in a group
  • Most sessions win
  • 4 weeks
Gym rat
Challenge type:
  • All gym activities
  • Competing individually
  • Total time in the gym
  • 4 weeks
Earn your after-work (drink)
Challenge type:
  • At least 2000 kcal per week
  • Group competition
  • Earn your after-work (drink)
  • 8 weeks with weekly milestones
Illuminate 100,000 lights
Challenge type:

  • All activities
  • Competing together
  • Achieve a common energy goal
  • 6 weeks
'Move for Ukraine'
Challenge type:
  • All activities
  • Competing together
  • Monetary fundraising goal
  • 2 months
Save the Children
Challenge type:
  • Official collaboration
  • Competing together
  • Monetary fundraising goal
  • Optional duration
Group charity
Challenge type:
  • Multiple organizations
  • Participants choose charity
  • Fundraising in the groups
  • 1 month or more
Races and Events
Challenge type: | |
  • Optional activity (walking, running, cycling)
  • Virtual or in-person
  • Digital registration and payment
  • Leaderboards, medals, and prizes

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  • Creating a more attractive workplace
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