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Improve company culture and wellbeing at your workplace.

With paceUP! you and your colleagues get access to a user-friendly digital exercise platform. paceUP! uses a points system to make exercise extra fun and motivating. We offer engaging team building activities which works well also remotely. Book a demo to learn how to improve wellbeing at work!

Why should you set your workplace in motion?

  • Strengthen community and boost team spirit
  • Healthier colleagues and improved wellbeing
  • Fun team building exercises that can be done from a distance
  • Enthusiasm and excitement at work
  • Increase productivity
  • Less sick leave
  • Improved occupational health
  • Creates an attractive work environment 

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To move with paceUP! in one minute

A fitness app that builds
wellbeing through movement

paceUP! is a mobile exercise app where real-life physical activities are logged and tracked for a fun and inspiring way to move.

paceUP! is perfect for companies that want to get started with team building activities, step-count competitions, and increase physical wellbeing at work.

Participants are assigned to a group of their colleagues to compete with. Points are then gathered as each person logs their movement activities and contributes to the group average. The Leaderboard refreshes constantly to show current standings in your Company League.

Users can log any type of exercise or physical activity. Through our unique point system, participants can follow their progress and their colleagues' movement, too. Dog walking, circuit training, bike commuting, or a gym workout session - it all counts!
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What our customer have to say

“Super fun and something that really engaged our employees.”
Sofie Dräckes
Engagement Manager
“paceUP! provided a fun challenge in an enjoyable format. Everything worked really well!”
Stefan Carlsson
Communication and Marketing Manager
“We are really happy with how paceUP! activated our employees while generating good discussions and energy throughout our company.”
Johanna Rasmusson
Marketing Coordinator

We use paceUP! too!

Common Questions

How quickly can we start our challenge?

The challenge can start as soon as 24 hours after we receive your order. However, be sure there is enough time to properly communicate your challenge with participants before kick-off. We find that more employees feel inspired to participate when you communicate and anchor the challenge up to a week before the start.

Do the groups need to be the same size?

We measure the averages per user for each group, so groups can vary in size. It’s all designed with fairness in mind!

What is a paceUP! Health Challenge or Corporate Challenge?

A paceUP! challenge is a competition where colleagues form groups to compete against each other and collect paceUP! points with their team. Everyone competes on equal terms and any physical activity counts. You choose the activity which suits you best - running, cycling, yoga, walking, you name it. All exercise counts!

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