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What is a paceUP! point and how are points calculated?

paceUP! points are calculated using MET-tables (Metabolic Equivalents of Tasks). MET-tables summarize how intensively the body works while performing different types of activities. Higher intensity for longer, earns you more points. After 30 minutes of activity the user earns an extra 100 points which promotes regular and healthy exercise.

How do I get help with questions during the challenge?

You will have your ‘own’ paceUP! support person during the course of the challenge. We are available to quickly answer any question you or the participants may have.

Why am I seeing ads in the paceUP! App?

If you downloaded the paceUP! app before your challenge to try it out, you’ll have a free version which contains ads. Our corporate challenges are advertising free. All ads disappear from the app for registered participants in a corporate challenge one week before the challenge begins.

How do I track the progress of the challenge?

Administrators can easily follow the challenge via our AdminWeb or logged in as administrator in the app. You can follow all groups, their participants, and statistics. You can also customize group details and send push notifications to all participants or a specific group.

Can I view all of the challenge participants?

Administrators can see all of the groups as well as all individual participants in the challenge. Participants can see the workout details for their teammates and their group, but only the total group results for other groups. This has proven to work best to protect the integrity of the participants.

What is an appropriate target for the challenge?

Healthy exercise is exercise that is consistent and varied. Thus, we think that at least 30 minutes of daily exercise per employee is an appropriate goal.

Does the paceUP! fitness app work with different languages?

Our app and all material are available in Swedish, English, German, French and Finnish. We’ll gladly help you translate to other languages if needed.

How long is a typical challenge?

Most challenges are 1-2 months long, but we’ve supported challenges as short as three weeks and as long as one year. We are happy to discuss your challenge and set a timeline that works for you!

How quickly can we start our challenge?

The challenge can start as soon as 24 hours after we receive your order. However, be sure there is enough time to properly communicate your challenge with participants before kick-off. We find that more employees feel inspired to participate when you communicate and anchor the challenge up to a week before the start.

Do the groups need to be the same size?

We measure the averages per user for each group, so groups can vary in size. It’s all designed with fairness in mind!

What preparations are needed before launching a challenge?

To begin a challenge, you only need to tell us the number of groups you want to divide your employees in to, and the length of your challenge. Groups can be determined by for example function, office, or country. From there, we prepare everything for your challenge and send you digital invitation materials with clear instructions which you can share with your colleagues.

What is a paceUP! Health Challenge or Corporate Challenge?

A paceUP! challenge is a competition where colleagues form groups to compete against each other and collect paceUP! points with their team. Everyone competes on equal terms and any physical activity counts. You choose the activity which suits you best - running, cycling, yoga, walking, you name it. All exercise counts!

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