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A gamified fitness app that sets employees in motion

paceUP! is a mobile fitness app that motivates employees to challenge each other with regular and healthy physical activities. We gamify our platform by transforming exercise into paceUP! points, creating a fun and engaging way to move. Set your workplace in motion, promote team building, and strengthen togetherness and team spirit with paceUP!
Gamifierad traningsapp som aktiverar medarbetare

Choose your favorite activity - all activities count!

A good corporate health challenge is inclusive. paceUP! is designed to include everyone - regardless of preferred sport, activity, or interest. It works a bit like a classic step challenge but is fairer and more inclusive. When participants get to choose the activity they enjoy most, the likelihood of participation increases. You don’t have to be a workout junkie to join a paceUP! challenge - any type of physical activity counts.
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How the app works

Sets your company into motion

  • 1. Download the paceUP! app

    Participants download the paceUP! app for free.

    2. Connect with your group

    Create an account and connect to colleagues and your assigned group via a link where you’ll confirm your email address.
    01 02 Ladda ner paceUP
  • 3. Log an activity

    Get started with a physical activity of your choice and let the app register it automatically via GPS. You can also log your exercise manually after finishing. It’s super easy!
    03 Logga en aktivitet
  • 4. Earn points and compete in game-like competition

    All activities are gamified by being awarded paceUP! points. Our points system works with MET- tables, considering activity type and individual differences such as gender, age, height, and weight. Results are shown on a Leaderboard where coworkers can see how they stack up against each other individually or by group.
    04 Samla poäng och tävla som i ett spel
  • 5. Fitness in a social context

    The app has all the functions you’d expect from a social workout app. We make it fun, personal, and inclusive. Encourage and engage with participants by sending them push notifications.
    05 Socialt sammanhang kring träning
  • 6. Tracking and leaderboard

    Analyze and follow all workouts. Health challenges are completed once the predetermined target has been achieved or when the challenge time frame lapses. Celebrate at the finish line!
    06 Historik och topplista


Enrich your company challenge and support a great cause with our charity program. All paceUP! points earned during the challenge transform into a charity donation. Move4Charity motivates more people to get active and adds value for teammates and the community alike.

Everyday exercise goes digital

paceUP! is easy to use both as an administrator and as a participant. This is familiar territory for anyone who has done a step counting challenge or used a mobile training app before. Our app’s strength lies in the ability to communicate and motivate while tracking fitness details. Studies show that what we measure gets done!
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Lay a foundation for good habits and a more productive work environment.

Common Questions

What is a paceUP! point and how are points calculated?

paceUP! points are calculated using MET-tables (Metabolic Equivalents of Tasks). MET-tables summarize how intensively the body works while performing different types of activities. Higher intensity for longer, earns you more points. After 30 minutes of activity the user earns an extra 100 points which promotes regular and healthy exercise.

What is an appropriate target for the challenge?

Healthy exercise is exercise that is consistent and varied. Thus, we think that at least 30 minutes of daily exercise per employee is an appropriate goal.

How long is a typical challenge?

Most challenges are 1-2 months long, but we’ve supported challenges as short as three weeks and as long as one year. We are happy to discuss your challenge and set a timeline that works for you!

What is a paceUP! Health Challenge or Corporate Challenge?

A paceUP! challenge is a competition where colleagues form groups to compete against each other and collect paceUP! points with their team. Everyone competes on equal terms and any physical activity counts. You choose the activity which suits you best - running, cycling, yoga, walking, you name it. All exercise counts!

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