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Healthier and happier workplaces with paceUP! challenges

paceUP! is an app that motivates coworkers to increase their daily physical activity. We integrate game mechanics into our platform by transforming exercise into health points, creating a fun and engaging way to move. paceUP! sets workplaces into motion, builds togetherness and team spirit.

Friskare arbetsplatser genom hälsoutmaningar

Happy customers

Several hundred companies in over 10 countries have completed paceUP! health challenges.

Exercise goals

minutes of medium intensity training daily. Users of the app move an average of 45 minutes.

Reduced sick leave

A study of employees who exercised 2.5 hours each work week saw this reduction of sick leave.

We bring you to the starting line

So you can get started with ease

1. Start and end dates

We kick-off once you have selected the dates for your company challenge. A typical challenge lasts 1-2 months but can go on for longer. With your order, you’ll receive access to a user-friendly AdminWeb customized for your challenge with your logo, company branding, and preferences.
01 Start och slutdatum
02 Deltagare tilldelas grupp

2. Participants are assigned to groups

We assist you in creating groups that users can easily connect to. Groups are assigned based on function, department, office, region, or another category of your choice. Results are tracked as the average from each group, so the groups do not have to be of the same size.

3. Welcome materials

Communicate your company challenge to colleagues quickly and efficiently with a set of welcome material. This includes instructions and invitations links to each group. There is no need to share email addresses with us, you distribute the welcome materials yourself.
03 Invitation material
04 Nu kör vi tillsammans

4. Let’s go, together! Tillsammans!

You’ll have personal contact with a member of our dedicated support team throughout your corporate challenge. Optional extras include weekly progress reports with statistics, health lectures, medals and more.

To move with paceUP! in one minute

Want to see how it works?


A user-friendly platform with personal support, always

Kicking off your company challenge should be easy. That’s why we take care of the preparations for you. You can log-in via the AdminWeb to adjust the challenge settings and track employee progress.

The AdminWeb allows you to:

Send push notifications with updates to the participants

Follow the challenge

Change group names

Adjust system preferences

Change logo and colors

Admin verktyg

Common Questions

How quickly can we start our challenge?

The challenge can start as soon as 24 hours after we receive your order. However, be sure there is enough time to properly communicate your challenge with participants before kick-off. We find that more employees feel inspired to participate when you communicate and anchor the challenge up to a week before the start.

Do the groups need to be the same size?

We measure the averages per user for each group, so groups can vary in size. It’s all designed with fairness in mind!

What is a paceUP! Health Challenge or Corporate Challenge?

A paceUP! challenge is a competition where colleagues form groups to compete against each other and collect paceUP! points with their team. Everyone competes on equal terms and any physical activity counts. You choose the activity which suits you best - running, cycling, yoga, walking, you name it. All exercise counts!

More Questions and Answers
Physical Activity White Paper

These healthy companies use paceUP!

“Super fun and something that really engaged our employees.”
Sofie Dräckes
Engagement Manager
“paceUP! provided a fun challenge in an enjoyable format. Everything worked really well!”
Stefan Carlsson
Communication and Marketing Manager
“We are really happy with how paceUP! activated our employees while generating good discussions and energy throughout our company.”
Johanna Rasmusson
Marketing Coordinator
Social Media
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