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Five weeks of great fun and exercise raised money for charity

Lumera is a leading insurtech company driving safe continuous digital transformation in the life and pensions industry. The company completed its first paceUP! challenge back in 2020. It was so well-received by the team that a sequel was done the following year.

The Lumera-paceUP! Challenge 2021 was five weeks packed with great fun and hard work. It turned out to be a great success with more employees competing and more activity points collected than the previous year. Activities logged included running, weightlifting, boxing, and dog walking. This further illustrates why the diversity of activities makes paceUP! health challenges unique - all types of exercise count! 

Together the teams exercised for 35 days, collected 2,100,776 points and travelled an impressive 20,703 km - more than half-way around the equator! The winning team, “Team Pannben,” collected an incredible 25,774 activity points! 

Lumera combined its health challenge with a charity challenge. This means the activity points were converted into a charity donation. Together the teams reached the Gold Level and raised 20,000 SEK, which was equally split between the organizations VidDinSida and Norwegian Kirkens Bymisjon. 

VidDinSida is a Swedish non-profit organization that makes a difference for elderly homeless senior citizens and Norwegian Kirkens Bymisjon is a non-profit organization that works in cities all over Norway to provide social services and care for all types of people.

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